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Insulated Shipping Solutions

DVG Packaging can offer cost-effective and customized solutions for all your insulated and temperature-controlled packaging needs….whether it be to maintain an ambient environment for a vaccine or blood sample, or to keep a food frozen. No matter what the need, there are various types of containers to serve a variety of insulated shipping requirements. Our reputation for reliability, responsibility and innovation, as well as an accumulated knowledge of many different industries, gives us the tools we need to offer you the most suitable shipping solution. In every packaging challenge that we take on, customer satisfaction has always been…and always will be our main focus.

At DVG, we have the expertise to not only meet your needs today, but are prepared to help you meet your development goals of tomorrow. Our 36,000 square foot facility in Exton, Pennsylvania, offers one-stop design, fabrication, and production convenience all under one roof. This location provides our customers with on-site engineering, hands-on technical support, and state-of-the-art equipment as well as fabricating and warehousing capabilities.

Insulated Container Options and Features 

#1. Molded EPS Insulated Containers

Molded EPS Containers are constructed of small beads of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, compressed tightly together to form specific sizes and shapes. These durable containers offer a reusable, easy-to-clean, form of packaging to protect your product for transport and/or storage, as well as maintaining a consistent internal temperature. As you can see from our Stock Molded Container list below, not only does DVG warehouse several different sizes of EPS containers to accommodate your immediate needs, we also offer an outer custom-sized corrugated carton for shipping purposes.

If our in-stock sizes are not what you are looking for, we can customize your requirement to meet your need. If your quantity meets our minimums, we are able to create a custom mold to be used for the pouring of the foam and can custom-size and fabricate an outer corrugated carton.

Stock Molded Container List

#2. Knockdown EPS Foam Panels

If, for one reason or another, a one-piece design is not suitable for your needs, you might consider Knockdown EPS Foam stackable panels inside a carton size of your choice. We are able to customize the inner dimension, as well as the wall thicknesses of the knockdown panels to meet your specifications. These panels offer a solution for all-around protection of product in a consistent environment. 


#3. Whole Blood Shipper

DVG’s expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulated containers provide temperature protection for your products until they reach their final destination. Foam insulated containers are a clean, safe, inexpensive and convenient way of maintaining ambient temperatures on perishable shipments over extended periods of time. Our thick wall molded insulated containers provide superior temperature protection. Their lids fit securely to assure better temperature retention. EPS's outstanding performance efficiently protects and cushions delicate products. This in turn saves customers money by reducing the number of damaged products, shortening set-up time and controlling packing labor costs.



Assembly Services

Insulated container choices discussed previously that are in stock at DVG  are sold with the option to purchase a custom outer corrugated carton. If it is a first-time design, we can create an outer carton if you so desire. The containers and cartons are sold separately so that they can be shipped to you ready for assembly, or, if you desire, we offer on-site assembly services.

Custom Design

DVG is totally integrated. We have the design engineering experience, material and industry regulations knowledge, and state-of-the-art equipment to cost effectively and successfully handle your most difficult temperature-sensitive packaging/shipping requirement. 


Upon approval by the customer, the final design is taken to the next level. A prototype pattern is produced upon the approved design and samples are supplied in the material of choice to ensure fit and functionality.

Equipment & Systems Enhancement

Our R & D staff is continually monitoring new equipment and manufacturing techniques to meet the ever increasing demands of our industry.

Industries Served

DVG serves, but is not limited to, the following industries: Pharmaceutical, Medical/Healthcare, Cosmetics, Electronics, Food, Automotive, Toy, and Consumer. Our “White Room” environment accessible at DVG allows us the opportunity to work in a sterile environment required by our major medical accounts and conform to our SPC “Statistical Process Control” documented procedures.

Quality & Beyond

DVG Packaging continues to maintain Quality Assurance procedures to ensures that our processes are consistent every time, from design to fabrication and beginning to end. It is our goal to produce a quality part first time, every time, to meet our customers’ requirements.

At DVG, we understand the importance of adhering to a quality management system, not only in our own operation, but on behalf of our customers as well. Quality Assurance is not just a “buzz word”. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is performed at every stage of the manufacturing process to assure that customers’ exact specifications are met, whether it be a specified material, required process documentation, production environment, etc.

Production & Warehousing Capabilities

Centrally located in Exton, Pennsylvania, we offer the convenience of experienced customer service representatives, design, fabrication, assembly, and warehousing capabilities all under one roof. Our 36,000 square foot facility contains a 3,000 square foot White Room for specific clean room applications. State-of-the-art computerized equipment is programmed to operate efficiently within a specified set of guidelines, and qualified personnel are on duty at all times for monitoring. The abundant warehouse space allows the ability to assemble and package prior to shipment, as well as accommodating just-in-time shipments and deliveries of custom products.

Facility List


36,000 Square Feet of Offices, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Space

Manufacturing Equipment

State-of-the-art machinery is conveniently located under one roof for manufacturing convenience. Equipment is maintained and serviced to schedule to keep it operating at peak performance.



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