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Bulk Shipping Solutions > Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Packaging Solutions

DVG applies vacuum packaging technology to create a specimen management solution for clinical laboratories shipping large numbers of diagnostic specimens.  

Users can obtain Competent Authority Approval for use of DVG Packaging's Bulk Specimen Shipper System. This system is currently approved as a 6.2 shipper.
The vacuum process eliminates the labor intensive and expensive practice of individually wrapping and unwrapping each specimen. All specimen tubes become secure within a large absorbent pouch and a heat sealed water tight poly bag.
No other product on the market can ship more specimen tubes per outer container, and meet IATA 602/650 performance criteria. More tubes per package means less packages to ship which translates into a cost savings to the clinical laboratory.

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Step #1 - Specimen Bulk Shipper - DVG Packaging                            Step #2 - Specimen Bulk Shipper - DVG Packaging                            Step #3 - Specimen Bulk Shipper - DVG Packaging

Bulk Packaging Features

DVG has the capabilities and experience to meet your most challenging bulk packaging requirements. As a full service provider, we can customize using various styles, films, gauges, closures, colors, printing, and sizes to create packaging of your choice. No matter the application or the industry, DVG's diverse experience has given us the knowledge we require to custom design a solution for you.

Custom Design

DVG is totally integrated. We have the design engineering experience, material knowledge, and state-of-the-art equipment to cost-effectively handle your most demanding projects. Our in-house capabilities include: Engineering drawings to help plan your projects; hands-on technical support and help with material selection; and CAD-CAM tooling for both prototype and production.


Upon approval by the customer, the final design is taken to the next level. A prototype pattern is produced upon the approved design and samples are supplied in the material of choice to ensure fit and functionality.

Equipment & Systems Enhancement

Our R & D staff is continually monitoring new equipment and manufacturing techniques to meet the ever increasing demands of our industry.

Industries Served

DVG serves, but is not limited to, the following industries: Pharmaceutical, Medical/Healthcare, Cosmetics, Electronics, Food, Automotive, Toy, and Consumer. Our “White Room” environment accessible at DVG allows us the opportunity to work in a sterile environment required by our major medical accounts and conform to our SPC “Statistical Process Control” documented procedures.

Quality & Beyond

DVG Packaging continues to maintain Quality Assurance procedures to ensures that our processes are consistent every time, from design to fabrication and beginning to end. It is our goal to produce a quality part first time, every time, to meet our customers’ requirements.

At DVG, we understand the importance of adhering to a quality management system, not only in our own operation, but on behalf of our customers as well. Quality Assurance is not just a “buzz word”. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is performed at every stage of the manufacturing process to assure that customers’ exact specifications are met, whether it be a specified material, required process documentation, production environment, etc.

Production & Warehousing Capabilities

Centrally located in Exton, Pennsylvania, we offer the convenience of experienced customer service representatives, design, fabrication, assembly, and warehousing capabilities all under one roof. Our 36,000 square foot facility contains a 3,000 square foot White Room for specific clean room applications. State-of-the-art computerized equipment is programmed to operate efficiently within a specified set of guidelines, and qualified personnel are on duty at all times for monitoring. The abundant warehouse space allows the ability to assemble and package prior to shipment, as well as accommodating just-in-time shipments and deliveries of custom products.

Facility List


36,000 Square Feet of Offices, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Space

Manufacturing Equipment

State-of-the-art machinery is conveniently located under one roof for manufacturing convenience. Equipment is maintained and serviced to schedule to keep it operating at peak performance.



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